Private Lessons

Highly customized private lessons make learning music fun and inspiring!

Boy in piano lessonsWe started Sound Roots with private lessons in mind. In sixth grade, Fara had one of those “terrible teacher” experiences when the director of a talent show told her to “do the world a favor and never sing again.” While Fara may have never been destined for singing stardom, the experience sadly turned her off to music as a whole until many years later.

When they opened Sound Roots, the Heath’s mission was to ensure every student would be encouraged and taught to delight in music – no matter their skill level or natural abilities. The couple also recognized every student learns differently and that no particular teaching philosophy can be applied to all learners. For this reason, we personally work to match each student with the right teacher for their specific learning style and musical interests. While we would be lying if we said learning music isĀ all fun and no work, we know that even the work can seem fun when you are learning music you love, and from an instructor you click with.

As each learner is different, so too are each student’s goals. While some may be on a Adolescent boy learning to play the guitarpath to a lifelong hobby, others could be reaching for super-stardom. In response, Sound Roots offers highly personalized, one-on-one lessons to all ages and skill level – even grown-ups (about 30% of our student population is adults)! Please contact us at (503) 208-5637 to discuss your personal goals and to set up lessons in Guitar, Piano, Voice, Bass, Drums, Mandolin, Ukulele, Songwriting and Theory. Lessons can be held in your home or in our studio in SW Portland.